Cooper DuBois , Portland CEO of Truly Social Games, has been a proud resident of Portland, Oregon, for many years. Being a father has led him to find some of the best and most down-to-earth places the city offers for family-friendly outings. The following are just a few of the fulfilled opportunities that await locals and visitors alike.

Quarterworld was opened in 2016 and is known for being Portland’s most extensive arcade bar. Space is divided into different areas that cater specifically to adults or children and also offer excellent dining options. The building, once a theater, now houses more than thirty fun machines and 64 arcade games. Some menu favorites that the whole family can enjoy include pizzas, bao buns, and banh mi sandwiches, along with a full menu of drinks. When looking for a great way to spend the day with your loved ones, Quarterworld is an excellent choice, according to Cooper DuBois Portland CEO.

Cooper Dubois Portland CEO Recommends Family-Friendly Attractions

If your family enjoys the good old fashion fun of playing video games or pinball machines, Ground Kontrol is another excellent option. The establishment is filled with vintage pinball machines and arcade games that the kids will love, but it also caters to adults. The two-story space includes a beer and wine bar for the adults in the family and also offers live music and DJs on the weekends.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO recommends checking out the calendar of events to ensure a fun-filled outing for the young and the young at heart.

The family-owned and operated Avalon Theatre and Wunderland is another excellent place to take the whole family. The on-site video arcade is very affordable and offers both children and adults many hours of entertainment. And when it is time to take a break, every generation will appreciate the two small screen theaters that offer various second-run family-favorite movies.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO also recommends cloud Cap Games for good clean, family fun. Not only does the establishment offer classic board games, but card games and puzzles also abound. This is all available while being surrounded by artwork from local artists. So while the kids are having fun, you can also begin to teach them art appreciation. All of these options are a great way to spend the day reconnecting with your loved ones.

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