Cooper DuBois Portland CEO of Truly Social Games is a many of many interests. He has lived in several major West Coast cities and Mexico City, Mexico, for a year. As the San Francisco Bay Area was home for Cooper, he attended school in California, including obtaining a college degree at San Francisco State University in 1997. After graduation, he began his career as a CART Team Lead and worked as both an engineer and designer. He also worked for Quokka during the same time until he was allowed to live and work in Mexico City in 1999.

Retro interior of old automobile

After a year, he returned to California, and then in 2004, he moved to Seattle, Washington, while he was Director of Online Operations for Flyer Plus. During his time in Seattle, he also worked as a designer for Big Fish Games and as an independent designer. After serving as Chief Creative Officer and Founder of DoubleDown Interactive for five years, he decided to move to Portland, Oregon, where he currently resides.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO and Co-founder of Truly Social Games is an excellent example of how dedication, hard work, and innovation can lead to financial success.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO is a Vintage Car Enthusiast (3)

And with that success comes the ability to spend time and resources on the things about which is passionate. While philanthropy is often at the center of many of his endeavors, he has also cultivated many other interests and hobbies over the years. And as a father, he takes a keen interest in all the activities his children participate in, including the exciting sport of lacrosse.

Another one of the many exciting hobbies that Cooper DuBois Portland resident enjoys is vintage car racing. As the owner of this beautiful silver and maroon 1962 Chevrolet Corvette, he is proud to be a member of SOVREN and takes part in the races the group holds each year. As SOVERN is also a non-profit charitable organization, almost all of the profits the group makes each year is donated to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Classic Car

Members of SOVERN may be either owner or simply admirers of vintage cars. The first event that members are avidly looking forward to takes place at the Pacific Raceways. This three-day kick-off event is closed to spectators, but members and drivers enjoy coming together to begin this year’s racing schedule for the Spring Sprints.

Muscle red car rendering

Other SOVERN races include the Spokane Festival of speed which is the first weekend of June at the Spokane County Raceway, the Pacific Northwest Historics event at the Pacific Raceways the first weekend of July, and the Columbia River Classic held the first weekend of September at Portland International Raceway. Cooper DuBois Portland resident is looking forward to attending these events and several other races that will be held in conjunction with other organizations.

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