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Cooper DuBois 3 Gardens to Visit in Portland, Oregon

Cooper DuBois Portland Native will be the first to say that many people know Portland, Oregon as the home of sportswear giants Nike and Columbia Sportswear.

It’s also the base of several tech companies, earning the area the title “Silicon Forest,” a take-off of Silicon Valley, California. And, Portland has become a favorite base for start-ups like the popular gaming company Truly Social Games, co-founded by Cooper DuBois, who also helped start DoubleDown Interactive.

But did you know that Oregon also has beautiful gardens worth making this state a vacation destination?

Cooper DuBois Sites to See in Portland, Oregon

Whether you like a variety of sights to see on vacation, or gardens are at the top of your vacation to-do list, here are 3 gardens to visit in Portland.

International Rose Test Garden by Cooper Dubois

1. International Rose Test Garden


From late May through October, this garden features more than 10,000 individual rose bushes blooming, with over 610 different varieties. The main purpose of the International Garden is to test new rose varieties. Each year, up to 20 new hybrids are rotated into the garden and most of the roses grown are commercially available. If you’re looking to find new roses for your home garden, or you simply want to stop and enjoy the flowers, arrangements can be made for guided tours.

2. Portland Japanese Garden


Relax in a variety of gardens housed in a 5.5-acre space. The mountain view of the Japanese Garden also includes a waterfall and a teahouse. Book your tickets in advance, then visit the Umami Cafe or Gift Shop, and learn at the Japanese Arts Learning Center. Wander through the different gardens, including the Sand and Stone Garden, the Strolling Pond Garden and the Tea Garden.

Portland Japanese Garden
Washington Park in Portland,

3. Washington Park


Both the Rose Test Garden and the Japanese Garden are housed in the larger Washington Park facility. But don’t forget the rest of the amenities in Washington Park when you visit Portland. Expand your knowledge of local flora and fauna with a visit to the World Forestry Center’s Discovery Museum, where interactive exhibits help visitors understand and appreciate their connection to the forest.The Oregon Zoo is also in the Park, and while it may not technically be a garden, it does have a Botanical Collection. Information about the expansive botanical collection includes more than 1,200 signs on 14 exhibits across 64 acres. There are also nearly 2,000 animals at the zoo, one of the top attractions in the entire state.

Whether you’re visiting Portland on a family vacation, or you’re part of the expanding number of start-ups in the area, this is an area of the world that’s easy to love.

Be sure to set aside time to enjoy the stunning gardens in Portland, where an outdoor lifestyle combines with a social consciousness to make this a place to visit and stay.


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    I am Brazilian and I dream of getting to know Portland. Reading this article I feel inspired and eager to get to know these three gardens. I’m sure I will love the three. The thing that most enchants me is the Washington Park designer with its intense green leaves that invite us to freedom.


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