Cooper DuBois Portland Travel – 3 Gardens to Visit in Portland, Oregon

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel, will be the first to say that many people know Portland, Oregon as the home of sportswear giants Nike and Columbia Sportswear.


It’s also the base of several tech companies, earning the area the title “Silicon Forest,” a take-off of Silicon Valley, California. And, Portland has become a favorite base for start-ups like the popular gaming company Truly Social Games, co-founded by Cooper DuBois, who also helped start DoubleDown Interactive. But did you know that Oregon also has beautiful gardens worth making this state a vacation destination?

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel – Sites to See in Portland, Oregon

Whether you like a variety of sights to see on vacation, or gardens are at the top of your vacation to-do list, here are 3 gardens to visit in Portland.

International Rose Test Garden by Cooper Dubois

1. International Rose Test Garden


From late May through October, this garden features more than 10,000 individual rose bushes blooming, with over 610 different varieties. The main purpose of the International Garden is to test new rose varieties. Each year, up to 20 new hybrids are rotated into the garden and most of the roses grown are commercially available. If you’re looking to find new roses for your home garden, or you simply want to stop and enjoy the flowers, arrangements can be made for guided tours.

2. Portland Japanese Garden


Relax in a variety of gardens housed in a 5.5-acre space. The mountain view of the Japanese Garden also includes a waterfall and a teahouse. Book your tickets in advance, then visit the Umami Cafe or Gift Shop, and learn at the Japanese Arts Learning Center. Wander through the different gardens, including the Sand and Stone Garden, the Strolling Pond Garden and the Tea Garden.

Portland Japanese Garden
Washington Park in Portland,

3. Washington Park


Both the Rose Test Garden and the Japanese Garden are housed in the larger Washington Park facility. But don’t forget the rest of the amenities in Washington Park when you visit Portland. Expand your knowledge of local flora and fauna with a visit to the World Forestry Center’s Discovery Museum, where interactive exhibits help visitors understand and appreciate their connection to the forest.The Oregon Zoo is also in the Park, and while it may not technically be a garden, it does have a Botanical Collection. Information about the expansive botanical collection includes more than 1,200 signs on 14 exhibits across 64 acres. There are also nearly 2,000 animals at the zoo, one of the top attractions in the entire state.

Whether you’re visiting Portland on a family vacation, or you’re part of the expanding number of start-ups in the area, this is an area of the world that’s easy to love.

Be sure to set aside time to enjoy the stunning gardens in Portland, where an outdoor lifestyle combines with a social consciousness to make this a place to visit and stay.



Cooper DuBois Portland Travel -Excitement on Your Mazatlan Vacation

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel knows that Mazatlan’s historical and sophisticated city attracts worldwide travelers to enjoy a great holiday. Moving in and around Mazatlan is never a problem as tourists can climb aboard its inexpensive public transit and travel to its restaurants, boutiques, and shops to explore.

Cooper DuBois from Portland states that Mazatlan is a melting pot of cultures, religions, and lifestyles, and tourists can explore this land year-round. The vital unity of the uniqueness and differences of the different cultures is reflected through Mazatlan’s unique sights and sounds. The authentic art scene, music, food, historic landmarks, and urban lifestyle contribute to the city’s makeup.

Cooper DuBois suggests tourists enjoy a shopping extravaganza in Mazatlanas. With its moderate weather throughout most of the year, few regions can feasibly offer you shopping indoors and outdoors as a fun activity that you can enjoy. The city of Mazatlan also boasts several history museums that highlight the native peoples of Mexico.

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel says that your trip to Mazatlan will never be complete without tasting the local delicacies as food is the locals’ passion. You will be surprised with the fresh seafood, restaurants, and fantastic world cuisine that ranges from Brazilian, Indian and European flavors.

Yellow Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception against blue sky.

Cooper DuBois Portland Enjoy the Beauty of Mazatlan


Many people may not know this, but Mazatlán was one of the first big resort towns on the Pacific Coast. Its life as a resort town and fantastic vacation destination is still a part of its culture today. Travel experts know that Mazatlán is a cultural hub, an artistic paradise, an excellent place for relaxation and enjoyment, and so much more.

People from around the world have all discovered just how amazing Mazatlán can be. They have enjoyed walking along the streets of this historical and picturesque city, enjoying its many offerings. One of the most beautiful sites that they want when they visit is the post-colonial buildings that line the streets, giving the city the perfect sense of history and allowing travelers to get in touch with the land that once was.

Many of these beautiful buildings have been repurposed into homes and businesses, mixing the old and the new and creating a stunning visual treat for visitors. Travel experts encourage visitors to enjoy these buildings in their new purposes as art galleries, restaurants, and studios. Those who visit these can appreciate both the historical significance and the modern entertainment at once. There is truly nothing like picking perfect vacation activities while also enjoying a beautiful location like Mazatlán.

When looking for vacation destinations that offer both history and modern beauty, this year should look no further than Mazatlán. It is one destination that will make a vacation experience one that will be remembered forever.

Monumento a La Continuidad de La Vida on Malecon



Cooper DuBois Portland Travel A Perfect Holiday in Costa Rica

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel knows that America’s incredible biodiversity and variable claim offer many travel destinations to explore and enjoy. With so much to see and decide where to go, it can often be the most challenging part of your trip planning. And the best way to resolve this issue is to choose one or two destinations, and then its complementary locations can be found based on constraints and interests.

One of the main reasons travelers find a Costa Rica vacation quite appealing is because these beautiful holiday destinations offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy multiple locations all in a single holiday.

Most experts say that in Costa Rica, tourists can enjoy lovely tropical beaches, natural wonders, grandest adventure experiences, scintillating culture, and all the essential ingredients perfect for an ideal holiday.

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel talks about horseback riding in Costa Rica

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel A Perfect Holiday in Costa Rica


The holiday destination of Costa Rica occupies a vital position in the heart of Central America. The country is surprisingly accessible from coast to coast, and this adds to its appeal. The variety of aquatic ecosystems and its beautiful white and black sandy beaches offer the perfect playground to enjoy sport fishing, snorkeling, and sunbathing. The beaches of Costa Rica are surrounded by lush green forests where you can breathe in the fresh air, marvel at colorful coral reefs, and can dive and explore. Tourists have plenty of complimentary options to enjoy while on their Costa Rica holiday, like hiking in its mangroves, diving, surfing, and exploring its diverse landscape on horseback.

Travel experts say that Costa Rica has it all from its world-class canopy tours, Kayaking, Horse riding, and much more, as it is a land of volcanoes, rainforest, and waterfalls. Although an endless list of activities awaits you in Coast Rica, you can start with a popular adventure tour. The most challenging activity to enjoy is choosing what to do.

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel A Perfect Holiday in Costa Rica knows that Costa Rica’s richness stems from its cultural diversity of its people and history.

cloud forest in Monte Verde Costa Rica

Cooper DuBois Portland Oregon Must-See Sights Day Trips

Cooper DuBois Portland, Oregon, resident explains, is an eclectic place that offers top attractions for locals and visitors alike. The vibrant culture and easy-going atmosphere provide a lot of things to do on a weekend trip. Cooper DuBois Portland CEO believes that the city is a hidden gem with lots of things to explore. Here are the top Oregon must-see sights that will wow every visitor.

Washington Park

This park is one of the top attractions in Portland, says Cooper DuBois. Visitors can stroll through the gardens, children’s museum, conservatory, and the Rose Test Garden.

Every May and June, they host the annual Rose Festival. Another notable area is the Oregon Zoo. It features Asian elephants, African crocodiles, and American beavers. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can explore the 12-miles of hiking trails.

Besides that, Washington Park features a basketball court, Skatepark, and synthetic turf field. There’s also a playground for kids where they can explore freely.

Forest Park

The Forest Park is a public area located in downtown Portland, Oregon. It comprises forest roads, fire lanes, and 80 miles of trails. Also, the park stretches seven miles on the eastern slope of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Generally, the 5200 acres give invaluable access to nature and educational opportunities.

Washington Park
Cooper DuBois Portland Oregon Must-See Sights

Cooper DuBois Portland Oregon Must-See Sights

The park also hosts 62 mammals and 112 bird species. But the more significant part of the park is used by pedestrians entering the Creek Canyon.

Further southeast, you’ll find a trail that passes through the Pittock Mansion. Henry Pittock built it until his death. The house was set for demolition in the 1960s, but the community asked the city to buy the home. And through private fundraising, the Pittock building was restored to its former glory. The mansion had impressive features like intercoms, indirect lighting, and a central vacuum system.

You also get panoramic views of the four volcanic peaks: St. Helens, Mount Rainer, Jefferson, and the Hood.

Keep in mind, the network trail connects 30 separate parks and offers fantastic recreational opportunities. You can enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing, skating, and horseback riding. While most forest trails are open for runners, others are used by bicycles and horses. It’s a fun way to escape the bustle of the city and explore nature.

Columbia River Gorge Scenic area

This area is always crowded and receives a high volume of visitors. It’s a remarkable sightseeing area for outdoor enthusiasts and leisurely drives. The Columbia River Gorge Covers 292,500 acres that consist of viewpoints and hiking trails.

Visitors like to take photographs at the towering Multnomah Falls, Latourell, and Oneonta Gorge. Other areas of interest include Angel’s Rest Hiking trail and Vista House. If you want to camp, Ainsworth State Park is waiting for you.

The Gorge has transitioned between temperature rainforest and grasslands. It receives high atmospheric pressure – perfect for kite-boarding and windsurfing. Furthermore, you get the right conditions for ice storms and winter storms.

The Gorge is also the perfect destination for sightseeing. Be warned that you must make an effort to ditch the crowds – you won’t find much solitude. To ensure you get the most from the sightseeing tours, you should enjoy the convenience of being picked from the hotel.

And every time you get to the River Gorge, be sure to check the condition of the trails. If you take a full-day tour, you’ll learn about the different neighborhood’s and cultures.

Gorge of Columbia River between Oregon and Washington, USA
Visit the Freakybutture Peculiarium and Museum

Visit the Freakybutture Peculiarium and Museum

If you’re looking for the perfect weekend destination, the Peculiarium awaits you. It boasts of all kinds of souvenirs, weird drawings, Bigfoot statues, and unknown oddities in Jars. The creepy exhibits are not recommended for children.

Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo features hundreds of animals like sea otters, sea lions, and birds. Most of the animals here come from the Savannah and Arctic Circle. Even better, the Zoo offers research and conservation programs. You can also go for behind-the-scenes tours, after-school programs, and animal interactions.

Oregon Zoo consists of 64 acres of land and attracts millions of visitors every year. Since it was opened in 1888, it has been a world leader in animal conservation. It’s worth mentioning the Zoo is open to the public throughout the year. And irrespective of the time you visit, you’ll find public transit options to get to the Zoo.

From the above information, Cooper DuBois says it’s no surprise Portland is considered a top destination for tourists. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or history buff, the city will meet and exceed your expectation.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Enthusiast Chooses 1962 Corvette for Vintage Car Racing

Cooper DuBois Portland racing enthusiast races the Sovern circuit. His choice vehicle is a 1962 Corvette. Here is why.

The 1962 Corvettes make an impressive bargain for those looking for a vintage car without compromising on performance. It’s the best way to define excellence in a vintage racecar. If you’re a vintage racing enthusiast on a hunt for speed and more incredible thrills, the 1962 models are a sure bet. Here are the reasons the 62 Corvettes are great for vintage car racing.

The car’s stunning looks and comfort is a great place to start, according to Cooper DuBois Portland CEO of Truly Social Games. The 62 Corvettes had substantial modernization. Chevy went a step further than just the paint job as far as the bodywork and exterior go. The rocker panels feature steel reinforcements, and the engineers made great strides to modify the rear fenders.

The interior colors ranged from black to red, so you can choose what suits you best. Comfort for the driver on the race track was also a focus, as seen in the new foam-rubber padded seats. New safety features included adjustable safety belts and recessed safety reflectors on sidewalls.

In the 1962 model, you also get a competition-style steering wheel, starter ignition switch, carpeted floor, metal seals, metal plates, and coolant temperature gauges. The exterior features right and left-hand sunshades, directional signals, courtesy light, electric clock, and courtesy light.

Cooper DuBois Portland racing enthusiast enjoys the heavy-duty suspension.

The 1962 Corvettes came with factory race-ready components. Included in this model were a fast steering adapter and heavy-duty front and rear shock absorbers. The rear suspension system featured semi-elliptic leaf springs for better traction.


Cooper DuBois Portland racing enthusiast enjoys the heavy-duty suspension.

More horsepower is another key feature for Cooper DuBois Portland Vintage Car Racer.

The 1962 Corvettes are powered by a 327cc V8 engine that generates up to 360 HP. Also, all cars have an independent suspension system, five aluminum bearings, a full-flow oil filter, a dual exhaust, and a pressure lubrication system. On high output engines, the Corvette has a 32-amp generator and a distributor-driven tachometer.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer

The 250HP Corvette features large intake valves, a modified intake manifold, and a 4-barrel carburetor. In addition to that, these machines have domed aluminum pistons and cast-iron cylinder heads. Other performance features are a special camshaft, lightweight valves, and a high-speed valve system.

The larger engines can run for a quarter-mile and attain speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. Ask any corvette owner how vintage racing should look like and, he will tell you about the 1962 models. They compete well against the 427 Shelby cobras, MGAs, Jaguar XKEs, Z-28 Camaros, C5-Rs, and the 350GT mustang. And because of their formidable performance capabilities, these legendary cars are allowed to run on racing slicks.

Cooper DuBois Portland racing enthusiast explains the special equipment for sport driving.

The 1962 corvettes feature heavy-duty chassis equipment, including cast-iron brake drums, fast steering adapter, a vented flange with air scoops, and sintered-metallic facings. Despite the undeniable ties with the first Corvette, the 1962 Corvettes handle better and are more physically appealing. Any Corvette lover can tell you how excellent these machines were.

Given the multitude of sports cars on the road, the 1962 Corvette is hard to shake. Besides the stunning looks and drivability, these machines guarantee a beautiful ride on the race tracks. Cooper DuBois Portland CEO of Truly Social Games and is an avid vintage car enthusiast and racer.

Cooper DuBois Portland Holiday Travel Tips for 2021

Cooper DuBois Portland travel knows that the holiday season is almost here. Many travelers are getting ready for amazing vacations with their loved ones to enjoy the season together.

Between vacationers looking for winter wonderlands or sunny beaches abroad and those traveling home for the holidays, traveling during this season can seem hectic, but Cooper DuBois Portland Travel knows that the process can be smooth and easy with some preparation. Remember always that Vaccination proof will be the new normal for the unforeseeable future, and to avoid any conflict, have your vaccination proof handy or on an App. If you can travel inside the United States, all the better, if it means going to another country, you may need proof that you had a test within 72 hours.

Before travelers know it, they will ski in Colorado, lounge on a beach in Hawaii, or spend the season on a dream family vacation in Orlando or Anaheim. Here are some simple tips from Cooper DuBois Portland Travel that will help you gear up for the holiday travel season and enjoy it with ease.

Apps are your Best Friend

There are various apps available that will help travelers stay up to date. Weather alerts, flight delays, and other information that travelers need to stay on top of their trip. Travel experts say that these will all help you stay prepared on your trip.

Apps are your Best Friend for Holiday planning
Let's Go Travel Around The World

Travel Light

When it is busy in an airport, Cooper DuBois Portland Travel says that you should carry as little as possible and avoid the line for checking baggage. This will get you through the airport faster. Try packing layers to keep your warm without adding bulk, and wear your heaviest clothes on the flight to keep them out of your bag.

Be Flexible

When you are traveling during the holiday season, it will get busy. But if you want to avoid the extreme crowds, be a little flexible with your travel times. Get a head start, or travel on the holidays for smaller groups. Also, traveling in early December, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, will prove to offer fewer crowds as well, says many travel experts.

We are in an ever-changing time, and rules are changing from State to State and country to country. So before you go check in advance, read up on the latest protocols set in place to make sure all goes smoothly.

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel Top Pacific Northwest Travel Adventures

Cooper DuBois Portland travel top Pacific Northwest travel adventures are becoming more and more popular.


It’s no surprise that the Pacific Northwest provides a variety of outdoor experiences. Of course, there are lots of traditional leisure activities to choose from, but there may be a few surprises as well. Whatever your preferences, these engaging activities will allow you to have a good time while taking in the region’s breathtaking natural environment.


Hiking trails, cuisine, beaches, giant trees, and coastal drives all lure visitors to the Northwest, and Off the Beaten Path has the finest of everything tuned in. So whether you want to go on a naturalist-led Small Group Adventure or a self-guided, private excursion suited to your specific interests, we’ve got you covered.






1. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, dives into a crater.

At over 2,000 feet deep, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, and few other lakes on Earth can match its vivid blue hue. The frequently calm, tranquil water reflects the mountain peaks like a large, dark blue mirror, and the cliffs surrounding it provide a very spectacular scene. The lake, formed when Mount Mazama collapsed over 7,500 years ago, is located within the state’s sole national park and is famous for hiking, swimming, fishing, camping, and boat excursions.

However, you may also engage in a sport that you may not have considered before: diving. While other lakes may feature buried cities or shipwrecks, this one is unique in that it allows visitors to dive directly into a flooded volcano, where they can see underwater moss meadows, lava structures, and fish in crystal clear waters.

 Crater Lake National Park
white water rafting on a river .

2. Whitewater rafting on the Rogue River in Oregon

Whitewater rafting is also an option in the Pacific Northwest. The Rogue River in Oregon is widely regarded as one of the most incredible fishing places in the country. On the Wild & Scenic Rogue, day trips and multi-day adventures are available that will take you through beautiful Siskiyou mountain landscapes while kayaking the gently rising rivers that blend with “one-of-a-kind” rapids for plenty of thrills.

3. The San Juan Islands, enjoy going sea kayaking.

In Washington’s San Juan Islands, sea kayaking is exceptionally memorable. The seas immediately off the west coast of San Juan Island, the archipelago’s most populous island, are perhaps the finest, with pods of orca whales regularly sighted owing to the abundance of Chinook salmon in the region. The ideal time to paddle among the Southern Resident killer whales is from late May until early October.

While a boat trip is an option, kayaking provides a much more intimate experience. There’s plenty of other species to see here, including seals, dolphins, otters, and bald eagles, in addition to the whales.

4. On the Columbia River, there’s windsurfing.

The Columbia River Gorge, which separates Oregon and Washington, is known for some of the world’s greatest windsurfing. The gorge is approximately 30 miles east of Portland, and while residents windsurf here all year, the most extraordinary conditions are in the summer, when water temperatures reach more pleasant low 70s. There are miles and miles of picturesque paths in this region, many of which lead to spectacular waterfalls, in addition to windsurfing.

5. Crane Prairie Reservoir is a great place to go bird-watching.

Crane Prairie Reservoir is located in the Deschutes National Forest in Oregon, right off the Cascade Lakes Highway. This might be your ideal utopia if you enjoy bird watching. Sandhill cranes, Canada geese, bald eagles, and osprey may all be seen in plenty here, making it one of central Oregon’s best wildlife watching sites.

Visit Osprey Point for informative signs on the area wildlife and artificial osprey nesting platforms built when natural snags fell over due to aging. In addition, Elk, deer, and other animals are frequently seen here.

Smith Rock State Park by Cooper Dubois portland

6. Smith Rock State Park Climbing

For rock climbers, Smith Rock State Park is a must-see. This is the top venue for the sport in Oregon and perhaps the whole Northwest. It has plenty for climbers of all abilities and kinds, ranging from traditional primary routes to challenging difficulties on various rocks. There are approximately 1,000 bolted routes in the park, several hiking paths, and rich wildlife, including golden eagles, mule deer, river otter, prairie falcons, and beaver.


7. Westport, Washington, is a great place to go surfing.

There are many spots to surf along the coasts of Washington and Oregon, but Westport, dubbed “Surf City,” is perhaps the greatest. “Westport is undoubtedly Washington’s finest spot to surf,” Ian Miller of the Surfrider Foundation told the Seattle Times. In addition, it’s the only spot to surf with a town nearby, so there are places to stay and dine.”

Conclusion, Cooper DuBois Portland Travel Top Pacific Northwest Travel Adventures

Some regions develop a distinct identity based on natural beauty and common characteristics rather than political borders. One such region is the Pacific Northwest. Parts of British Columbia, Oregon, Northern California, and Washington have thrown their riches into this communal chest, which is waiting for you to find. We’ve already had a lot of experiences in the Pacific Northwest! We hope you enjoyed it.


Waves roll in along the jetty in Westport, Washington.

Cooper DuBois Portland is a travel and adventure enthusiast and Portland Racer.

Cooper DuBois Portland Suggests How to Get into Treasure Hunting


Cooper Dubois Portland is a man of many interests and hobbies. Treasure hunting is one of his favorites, and after years of experience, he likes to share some tips that may help others be more successful in their searches.

Did you know that beaches are full of jewelry and coins? They are also the perfect place to learn the basics of using a metal detector. In this post, we’ll learn how Cooper DuBois Portland suggests how to get into treasure hunting.


Metal detecting is an activity you can enjoy with your family and friends while you explore the sun. It’s a great way to see what is underneath the sand. The cold water and sand on the beach can often make rings slip off fingers, so you never know what you may find.


Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Treasure Hunting Tips

Cooper DuBois Portland suggests before you use a metal detector, you should be familiar with all the parts. One area you should pay attention to is the dry sand. Digging is easy in dry areas as you can sift the sand with a beach scoop.


Wet Sand Treasure Hunting Tips

The next area to focus on is the wet sand area. Generally, the treasure line runs parallel to the beach close to the waterline. You may get a little wet, but this is by far the best area to search for lost articles.

The wet sand area lies between low and high water tides. While it comes with its fair share of challenges, you can find jewelry and other lost valuables. Since this area is tricky for most detectors, you may want to use a pulse induction style detector. A multi-frequency detector can also be an excellent option to locate multiple targets.

Dry Beach Treasure Hunting Tips

The dry part of a beach is the perfect place to stay dry or relax. You will often see many vendors here, so your coins are bound to come out. The jewelry can also be left behind. In addition, you should focus on areas with sports like gaga ball pits and volleyball courts.

Another area on a dry beach you can often find lost jewelry in is shaded places. Most people come here to cool off. That said, having the right metal detector for wherever you choose to search will increase your odds of success.


Towel Line Treasure Hunting Tips

The towel line is the area where every beachgoer goes to relax on the beach. It is near the water but not close enough to have your towel get wet. Visiting the towel lines early morning or late afternoon is usually best as fewer people will be around.

Look for hand-parked sand areas with holes in the ground. These are indications that beach umbrellas were likely placed there. Although you can expect to find some trash, just one great find will make your day. And everyone knows that the more you dig, the more likely you are to be rewarded.

When looking for prime areas to collect lost valuables, you should focus on troughs, tidal pools, and pockets of the beach. Treasure hunters love the tidal pools as they have a swirling water motion. The wet sand is likely to accumulate on your metal detector as you explore such areas, so be sure to clean it off frequently.

Cooper DuBois Portland suggests it is essential to know if you need permission to access the beach or use a metal detector in the area.

Rules vary not only from state to state but also from town to town. Some places have strict laws that prohibit detection. To avoid any problems, you should confirm with the local authorities before you go and look for signage once you arrive.


Dry Beach Treasure Hunting Tips


If you find any restrictions posted, you may need special permission. For instance, many restrictions on Florida beaches specifically do not allow metal detection. It is vital always to check current state and local laws.


Cooper DuBois Portland suggests there is metal detecting etiquette.

Once you extract an article from the hole you have dug, you should fill it back in with sand. You don’t want other beachgoers to fall into the hole. And as you pursue your treasure, Cooper DuBois Portland suggests you will want to leave the beach better than you found it, so properly discarding trash and other unwanted articles as you hunt is highly recommended.

Another tip when using your metal detector is to wear some headphones. Headphones will not only help you hear the metal detectors’ beeps but will also keep other distracting noises out. But make sure always to look up frequently and be aware of your surroundings.

All metal detectors are not the same, and what’s suitable for you and your circumstances may not be right for someone else. Do proper research, ask many questions, and be clear on where you plan to search before you purchase a metal detector.

Once you are committed to using a metal detector for treasure hunting on a saltwater beach, investing in a model with better ground clearance may be an excellent choice to minimize the effect of salty water.

Finally, Cooper DuBois Portland suggests that before you start your treasure hunt on a beach, you should observe the environment and the people there to ensure you are not unwelcome. There are plenty of places to hunt for treasure peacefully.

Cooper DuBois Portland Travel Puerto Vallarta 2022


Cooper DuBois Portland Travel expert discusses 2022 travel to Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a majestic place with beautiful beaches, historical centers, spectacular landscapes, and breathtaking marine life. It also gives visitors an excellent taste of fun and culture—Cooper DuBois Portland travel enthusiast rates Puerto Vallarta as one of the world’s friendliest cities. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s something to capture your imagination. If you’re planning a vacation, here is what Travel Puerto Vallarta 2022 has to offer.


Cooper DuBois Portland Travel top Things to do


Playa De Los Muertos

Playa De Los Muertos offers diverse activities to suit different tastes. It’s a hot spot for beach activities like surfing, snorkeling, and volleyball. This beach has a lot of stories, and that’s why it got the gruesome name. Playa De Los Muertos was once a sacred cemetery for the natives. Your vacation won’t be complete without spending a day basking in the sun at the beach. There are also lots of bars and shops to explore.

Whale watching tours

Many humpback whales love to vacation in Puerto Vallarta. If you don’t want to miss the tours, you should visit from December to March. Other months that offer an opportunity to see these majestic creatures are January and February. But to ensure you get outstanding service, you should book early – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Playa Mismaloya (Mismaloya beach)

If you have to realize the mesmerizing beauty of Puerto Vallarta, Playa Mismaloya offers a laid-back vibe. While there, you should visit the Los Arcos National Park. You’ll be delighted to spot turtles and manta rays. Still, you can try the Zoologico de Vallarta. There are many native plants and animals to explore.

Ziplining adventures

If you want to have a good time feeling the wind over your face as you fly over the greenery, you’ll find many ziplining adventures on your path. You can start with the famous yellow Unimog trucks at the heart of Sierra Madre. Imagine zip lining through the air above the jungle canopies.

Shop at Isla Rio Cuale Market

The Cuale Market separates Centro near the malecon and Zona Romantica. This outdoor market has food trucks, a cultural center, food cafes, and a colorful Mercado with vendors. They sell everything you need, from art to sundresses.

Puerto Vallarta Skydiving

If you’re looking for a thrilling activity, you can try skydiving. But to boost your overall experience, you can explore the gorgeous coastline. The experienced instructors at Zona Hotelera Norte will exceed your expectations. Another place to tour is the Skydive Vallarta. If you’re tempted to do a tandem jump, you can take a course and jump independently. For a truly unforgettable experience, you should schedule a sunset skydive.

Tour San Sebastian Del Oeste

San Sebastian del Oeste is a true paradise with many mountains, museums, and vibrant culture. While there, you can explore the corn and coffee plantations. Don’t forget to tour the old haciendas to understand the ruins.


Tropical beach on a sunny day. Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico.

Visit Yelapa

Yelapa is a picturesque beach with crystalline waters. It’s located near a charming town, which makes sit desirable for tourists. Apart from enjoying the area’s gastronomy, you can also explore aquatic activities. After that, you can enjoy your favorite cuisine at the local eateries.


Waterfall Hiking at Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a beach town, but there’s another side of the city full of rainforests, waterfalls, and jungles. You can start at the Sierra Mountains to escape the busy city. It’s famous for the hot springs, beautiful hikes, and waterfalls. Another must-see waterfall is Yelapa – it can be hard to get into.


Eat the best Tacos in Puerto Vallarta.

One of the best things to help you create a memorable experience is eating tacos at one favorite taqueria. You can start at Mexico Takos. It offers the best Mexican food in Puerto. You may want to arrive early as the queues tend to be longer. Cooper DuBois Portland Travel top pick.

You can try the Taquerria Hormiga. It offers classic Mexican food, thus ideal for enjoying some taco.

If you want to try some seafood, the Mariscos Cisneros is an excellent option. You can eat their spicy squid, fresh fish, and crab tacos. It’s arguably the best seafood restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta offers a bevy of activities who want to explore nature. It hosts many events – from gourmet food festivals to fishing tournaments. According to Cooper Dubois Portland resident, the above things make Puerto Vallarta a magical place worth visiting.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Open Wheel



Cooper Dubois Portland racing enthusiast loves the thrill of open-wheel racing – it’s the pinnacle of motorsport. Here are the reasons:


Vintage Car Enthusiast

High performance

The concept of open car racing is straightforward. These race cars are the fastest and have high aerodynamic drag at high speed. The exposure of the wheels guarantees the cooling of brakes. Generally, the brakes of F1 can reach 1000-degree Celsius so covering the wheels reduces the airflow.

An open-wheel car should be driven using a unique technique – smoothness and precision. This is the best way to finish a race track. Everything is designed for drivers who want to compete at high speed. Racers can also use technological innovations like advanced energy-absorbing energy and aerospace composite materials.


Stronger emphasis on steering wheel design

The steering wheel comes with buttons and an aerodynamic design. The reason for this is that there’s little space to move, so the controls are within the fingertips. Another benefit of an open racing car is learning more in less time. By comparison, a closed-wheel car requires that you don’t hit the pedal aggressively.

Driving an open-wheel car is different from racing a car with fenders. This is why the drivers take time to harness their skills before joining a series.



An open-wheel racing car features a lightweight design and doesn’t compromise performance. These cars are also challenging to master due to the powerful engine. Once an open-wheel car is damaged, there’s a likelihood the whole vehicle will retire. This explains why the drivers must be cautious. Perhaps it’s the reason why open-wheeled cars require extensive experience.



In modern open-wheel cars, the engine is behind the driver. They have wings on the rear and front of the car. This helps them achieve additional aerodynamic force that pushes the car on the road.


Cooper DuBois Portland racing tips


If you want to excel in open-wheel racing, you should devise a few winning strategies and tips. The structural integrity of the car will determine the performance. If everything else fails, you can use the pitfalls near the finish line.

Choosing the wheel is important.

While soft tires wear fast, they give the best traction in wet conditions. Medium tires offer better handling and durability. On the other hand, hard tires won’t grip in the rain, but the trade-off is that you get uninterrupted time on track.



Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Open Wheel 1


About Allen Berg Racing School (ARBS)

The cars feature a carbon fiber chassis – they are better in weight, safety, and rigidity. This is the same chassis you’ll see in IndyCar, Formula 1, and other prototypes at Daytona.

Another critical feature is the carbon-ceramic brakes. They have ducting that forces air into the wheels and propels the wheel to get rid of the extra heat. As the hot air is pushed through the wheel, you will see heat plumes getting off the sides of the car.

The transmission requires a high-level technique for smoother shifting. Apart from that, race cars do not use driver aids like traction control. This makes driving on the tracks much more manageable. When the wheel is locked under braking, it can be seen immediately. This is not the case with a closed-wheel car.

Since the cars are stiffly sprung, the driver will know immediately. The control input takes shorter, and you don’t have to hit the pedal aggressively. Besides that, you can feel the back end when the wheels start to spin. This is just one factor that can maximize your driving experience.

One benefit of open-wheel racing is that the tires are visible to the driver. This allows the cars to be wrung out when cornering.


Exceptional formula racing program

ABRS offers exceptional programs at motorsport venues. Whether you’re a novice or you want to hone your skills, the professional coaches will ensure you have everything you need. To ensure the experience is unforgettable, the cars have an onboard video camera to help you review your laps. Here are why Cooper DuBois Portland racing enthusiast recommends a driver training program.

To help drivers understand the vehicle handling and dynamics. This is the pinnacle of four-wheeled motorsport.

The training staff for the ABRS program specializes in high-level driver training. The practice laps help racers understand how to maneuver in a controlled environment. In addition, specialized training will help you improve your vision and identify potential hazards. At the end of the training, you will get the prowess and capability to improve vehicle performance.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Formula 2 Is Thrilling


Nothing can quite match the thrill of formula racing. Whether it’s F1, F2, or F3, each racing has its draws for the spectator. According to Cooper DuBois Portland racing Formula 2 is thrilling and fun compared to closed-wheel racing.



Open car racing vs. closed-wheel racing

As the name suggests, open racing cars have an open cockpit, and the wheels are located outside the vehicle’s body. As you might already know, Cooper DuBois Portland racing Formula 2 cars have a stronger emphasis on steering wheel design.

In comparison, closed-wheel racing cars are covered with fenders and look more like the cars we see every day on the streets. Many vintage race cars such as Corvettes, Jaguars, and Porsches are closed-wheel race cars.

If you compare the various types of motorsports, you’ll notice a significant difference between open wheels and closed-wheel racing cars. According to Cooper DuBois Portland racing, some of the differences are obvious.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Formula 2 Is Thrilling (4)

F1 vs. F2

No doubt F1 is the apex of car racing, but there is also a lot to like about Formula 2. And, since all racers in F1 must first race in F2 – there aren’t many differences in both areas.

Unlike F1, F2 uses a newly inducted V6 engine, and the horsepower is much lower. Since Formula 1 cars can make upgrades, there is a difference in speed, according to Cooper DuBois Portland racing.

Another notable difference is that F2 cars are at the same level in terms of RPM. For the F1 cars, the RPM can reach 18,000. The format is also different. Formula 2 drivers need one qualifying session and a few practice sessions.

The drivers should be mindful when taking the corners too. Their skills are like no other- the drivers avoid contact at all costs, which can be catastrophic. Safety is always a top priority.

The F2 drivers spend a fraction of what F1 drivers spend. According to Cooper DuBois Racing, Formula 2 requires a budget of at least $300,000. This amount is just a fraction of the costs associated with F1 race teams.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Formula 2 Is Thrilling (2)

F1 vs. FE


Formula one is the biggest racing event out there. Formula E has been around since 2014 and takes place on tight street circuits. The drivers race the same cars with the same tires and battery packs. The competitiveness and closed circuits make the races even more fun, like the F1.

If you’re not ready for the expensive entry fees of the F1, Formula E racing is a good fit. According to Cooper DuBois Portland Racing, another fantastic feature with formula E is that the fans can get close to the action and vote for their favorite driver.

What do the cars look like?

For the untrained eye, you can quickly tell the difference. The cars feature an open cockpit, while the electric motors work with the battery in the middle. No doubt you’ll miss the screaming engine sound of F1 cars. But as the cars go through the street circuits at incredible speeds, you’ll hear all manner of brake squeals.

The drivers had to swap throughout the races for the first four seasons. Cooper DuBois Portland racing states that this is no longer the case.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Formula 2 Is Thrilling

Formula One

Formula racing is highly competitive. The drivers race in open-wheeled cars at the fastest speeds in the racing world. They also compete on some of the world’s most thrilling race tracks.

The sensation of driving an F1 car is like no other. If you race one, you’ll be amazed at the speed of the chase. F1 has been one of the premier forms of racing since the 1950s and remains the fastest regulated road-course racing car globally. Cooper DuBois Portland racing notes that the large amounts of aerodynamic downforce owe to the high cornering speeds.

However, there are also other formula racing divisions, including F2 and F3.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Formula 2 Is Thrilling (1)

F1 vs. F3

Formula 1 remains the most prestigious version of formula racing, so F3 cars are slower. F3 racing is often considered more of a junior racing league. There are 30 drivers per race, and the rules are agreed upon before the beginning of the races.

Most F3 car engines produce around 380HP, and the cars are made with the same chassis. They feature a rear-wheel drive and a maximum of 6 gears.

The racing format is also different. For F3 races, there’s both a practice and a qualifying session before the main event.

The first ten drivers are awarded in terms of the scores, regardless of the starting positions. The points reduce from the first to 10th place, but a driver gets an additional point if they achieve the fastest race time.

formula 1

The winner of the FE race gets 25 points, while the second and third participants get 18 and 15 points, respectively. Some of the manufacturers involved in F1 teams are Ferrari, Aston Martin, Honda, Mercedes, and Nissan.

Unlike fenders, open-wheel cars create a massive amount of drag. All closed wheels cars have fenders is to prevent rocks, sand, and liquids from being thrown into the air.

Cooper DuBois Portland How Much Does Metaverse Land Cost


Cooper DuBois Portland talks about Metaverse land. Is it now the next big thing for investors. Recently, Sandbox created a virtual themed Hong-Kong City. While some people are getting into this space for fear of missing out, there are also some tech-savvy real estate investors. This brings us to the question, how much does metaverse land cost?



Metaverse land is currently selling at around $13,000. The land prices have soared the last few months – there’s no value cap insight. This is the mind-boggling reality of the Metaverse.

What is metaverse land, and how much does metaverse land cost?


What is metaverse land?

How Much Does Metaverse Land Cost (3)

Metaverse land is virtual land represented by non-fungible tokens. The plots are divided into smaller pieces, making the payments in cryptocurrency. It would help if you had a digital wallet to purchase the land. And because the plots are NTFS, you can prove authenticity. To buy metaverse land, you should choose a platform, set up a wallet, and connect to the marketplace. It’s not just folks investing in the land; big companies are also getting on the bandwagon.

How much does metaverse land cost in Decentraland?

This platform runs on Ethereum Blockchain and boasts over 90,000 plots of land. The highest ever paid plot here is $2.4 million. This is a massive growth considering that the average price for a plot in 2021 was roughly $1,523. In November 2021, Fashion Street Estate was sold at $3.5 million.

For the last 12 months, over 21,000 transactions have been recorded in the Decentraland platform. Realistically, you need 3900 MANA to buy a parcel of land. Each has its own verified NFT, so it’s unique and can’t be duplicated.

Between November 2021 and January 2022, the average land cost was 3.5ETH. Today, the price is $18,000.

How much does metaverse land cost in Sandbox?

Sandbox has over 166,400 parcels of land that go for roughly $13,000. However, one sale stood out after a plot was sold for over $30,000. We have seen celebrities and big brands support Sandbox to varying levels. Since its inception, this platform has sold over $650,000 worth of virtual land. Its native token (the SAND) soared to nearly 13,000% in 2021.

 How much does metaverse land cost in Somnium Space?

The Somnium space comprises over 5,026 plots of land in different sizes. One plot of land goes for 3000 SAND ($10,000). The price is based on size and desirable features.

How Much Does Metaverse Land Cost (2)


Cryptovoxels has over 4,400 plots of land that cost $9,900. Parcel owners can move blocks and build.

What is Metaverse Land value?

 Like physical land, the price of land in the Metaverse depends on several factors like location, scarcity, amenities, etc. You will pay more if you buy a plot in posh or luxurious neighborhoods. So if you want significant returns from your investment, you should buy your land early.

The size also affects the value. While most land sizes are the same across platforms, you could get multiple lots within a structure. Additional parcels will also influence the value. If your place faces a road, it will cost more than those off the main drag.

Since Metaverse is built on a Blockchain, there’s no central authority to impose rules and regulations. This means that owners can do whatever they want. It’s highly advantageous for investors who want to be involved in the development process, says Cooper DuBois Portland.

Undoubtedly, the scarcity provided by NFTs contributes to the high sale price.

Cooper DuBois Portland What is metaverse land resale value?

 Like in the real world, investors buy parcels of land to profit. You can buy a parcel of land and build virtual experiences on it. And depending on the project you wish to invest in; you can invite friends, socialize, and have fun. Metaverse users are quickly buying lands, and this makes the prices skyrocket. With the average daily land transactions at $11,000, you can sell your plot after a few years at six figures.

In 2017, the virtual land price was $20. You can now sell the same parcel of land for thousands of dollars. From this example, metaverse land prices will continue to skyrocket.

Wrap up

 Cooper DuBois Portland, as with any other investment, you should ensure the land you buy is legitimate. You can have a chat with people who have invested before you. How about talking to a real estate broker who specializes in this space? Don’t forget to use an affordable metaverse mortgage.