Cooper DuBois Portland native says it’s almost beach time.

If you’re planning a trip to Portland, Oregon, you’ve likely heard of the beaches that string the oceanside coast west of the city.

The Pacific Coast Scenic Byway includes stops at some of the world’s top beach towns, like Cannon Beach and its famous Haystack Rock, Seaside, and its 1920-era promenade and boardwalk games.

The city of Portland has some great beaches to enjoy without getting out of town. Situated where the Columbia River and the Willamette River meet means Portland has its share of sandy shores, so you can get some sun and still enjoy the city vibe.

Cooper DuBois says since Portland is gaining a reputation as a base for tech companies and startups, like Truly Social Games and DoubleDown Interactive, both co-founded by Portland’s Cooper Dubois, more people are working in the city who still want to experience the outdoors.

So in the spirit of getting away from it all without leaving the city, here are four beaches to visit and enjoy the beauty of Portland, Oregon.

Cooper Dubois Portland Native suggests these Top Beaches

1. Tom McCall Waterfront Park

In Portland’s heart is this urban park with a beach that’s got more grass than sand. But it’s easy to access from downtown or other spots in Portland, and it remains an attractive and popular attraction.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland,

2. Poet’s Beach

This is small and has boulders leading down to the beach, so it’s unique as beaches go. But since it’s close to downtown, this may be close enough to the office to allow you to get away for a picnic lunch.

3. Broughton Beach

This beach is on the sandy edge of the Columbia River but still in the city. You’ll know it’s a city beach when you sit and listen to the air traffic noise from the Portland International Airport. But that doesn’t detract from its beauty like a beach, giving you a chance to lay in the sand and still get back to work for the afternoon.

4. Kelley Park

This is a bit farther jaunt from downtown Portland, but this woodsy park is worth the trip. Sitting right where the two rivers meet, it has a picnic site, a canoe launch, and hiking trails. The public park has several sandy beaches on the western side. The paved trail also offers excellent river views.

Whether you’ve moved to Portland Cooper DuBois says to take advantage of the beautiful city and area, or you’re planning to visit, there are plenty of options to get out to the beach for a short visit or a day without having to leave the city.

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